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How To Find A Safe and DOT-Approved Helmet?

The motorcycle is one of the most practical and fun transport today. Who does not enjoy the feeling of speed and the wind in their face? While you might like frolicking around on your bike, ensuring your own safety and security is imperative. Wearing a low-profile motorcycle helmet will keep you protected from the sun, dust, and pollution and secure your head in case of an accident. With this said, there are some great helmets out there, but you just need to research and find out whether they meet the US Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

Some riders buy a helmet j because it looks good, without worrying much about the consequences and aspects of using something stylist that is not DOT approved. Just because a helmet looks cool does not necessarily mean it's up to wear and tear.

The WHO explains that a certified helmet fulfills six essential functions:

1) It reduces the deceleration of the skull and the brain mass movement in a collision. This reduces the speed of impact and allows the head to come to a slower stop. During the crash, the brain does not hit the skull with more incredible speed and force.

2) It disperses the energy of the impact on a larger surface, and the blow is not concentrated in a specific area; when this occurs, the result is usually fatal.

3) Avoid direct hitting the skull with the pavement, as it works as a mechanical protection barrier.

4) It protects the scalp from abrasion in case you are dragged by an impact.

5) Protects the head from being hit by objects on public roads such as stones, iron, glass, etc.  

6) It is advisable to buy two helmets, one for the driver and one for the passenger.

By not wearing a helmet, you increase the risk of suffering a head injury in an accident.

Due to the high incidence of motorcycle accidents   in the world, it is recommended to

  • Always wear a certified helmet that withstands impacts on a motorcycle,

  • Always respect speed limits

  • Always buckle up yours and your passenger's helmet.

  • Do not drive drunk, 

  • Do not use a cell phone while driving 

For all the motorcycle riders, the Department of Transportation has made it mandatory to wear a helmet, which is DOT approved, and meets a minimum performance standard while protecting the wearer's head and brain in the event of an accident and crash.

Moreover, every year, DOT practices a series of compliance tests on all the new helmets to determine whether they meet the minimum safety standards required under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No: 218.  

Even the small helmet DOT-approved will make sure you are safe and protective at all times.

Furthermore, the following are some key points you must look for before making your low-profile motorcycle helmet purchase.

Thick inner liner:

Any helmet that satisfies the DOT requirements needs to have an inner liner that should be at least one inch thick and constructed using polystyrene foam. In some low-profile motorcycle helmet, this lining is not visible, but you should be able to check its thickness by taking a closer look inside. An unsafe helmet only contains soft padding that is practically useless in case of a crash.

Chinstrap and rivets:

It should have strong chinstraps with solid rivets to hold its position securely. When putting it on, you should adjust the straps  without over-tightening. It cannot move freely. If you do not fasten the helmet when putting it on, it is as if you weren't wearing it.

DOT-approved sticker:

For each helmet that is DOT approved, there is a sticker on the back of the helmet that proves it. Never buy a helmet that has a removable sticker, that helmet won’t serve any purpose.

Finally, under the FMVSS 218 standard, there should be nothing on a helmet's surface above two-tenths of an inch. Visor fastenings are allowed, but a spike or anything else that sticks out of the helmet is highly unsafe for the wearer, the passenger and people round the rider.


Buying a safe helmet is l ensuring your protection from uncertain events. It's also s essential to get your Beanie Low profile helmet from a trusted source. MicroDOT Helmets makes sure that you are safe on and off the road. And if you suffer an accident, we offer you a Free Accident replacement Warranty. Ship the helmet back with the police's accident report, and you will receive a fresh new helmet.

Your safety is in your hands, and you should make the most out of I, with  MicroDOT Helmet, your partner on the road.

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