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What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Half Shell Helmets

Most of us wear a helmet to avoid fines; still, it is safe to wear a helmet to reduce the chances of injuries from unexpected events while riding a bike.  Motorcycle half shell helmets are a good option for bikers that can't stand a heavy helmet on their head for neck sprain, shoulders, or spine problems.  Open Face helmets are lighter than full-face helmets. They are known for their classic vintage style as well. But have you ever thought about how helmets help in preventing injuries? Or how are they made? This post will discuss how motorcycle half shell helmets are made and how they help prevent severe impacts on our heads during accidents.

How are Motorcycle Half Shell Helmets made?

Motorcycle half shell helmets are known to be the smallest helmets you can wear while riding a bike. And as discussed above, they are preferred the most for being the lightest, comfortable, and less restrictive. Here, we will discuss how they are made to ensure your safety.

Outer Shell

This is the top-most and one of the most essential part of a helmet. The outer shell is what you see at the top of the helmet. Whether it is a motorcycle half shell helmet or full-face, the outer shell is generally made of thermoplastic, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber adds strength to the helmet, but the material delaminates, reducing the helmet's durability over time. Molding technology is most commonly used to shape helmets like motorcycle half shell helmets.

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Inner Shell

When it comes to designing the helmets' inner shell, expanded polystyrene (EPS) is the most commonly used material. The reason behind this is its light-weight nature and excellent shock absorption and impact resistance properties. This makes the helmet safer and reliable.

Padding or Head Liner

Motorcycle half shell helmets also have interior headliner padding that can be seen by placing them upside down. The reason to provide internal padding is to ensure maximum comfort when you wear the helmet. Along with foam, the padding comprises a cover made of a breathable & soft fabric. SkootDog offers the best comfortable headliner that not only absorbs sweat and improves the fit of the helmet but maintains your style when not wearing the helmet itself. 

The Buckle or Quick Release Straps

Finally, helmets can be designed with buckles or a quick-release device. Proper strap closure in motorcycle half-shell helmets prevents lifting, giving you the best fit while riding your bike. The quick-release feature found in all genuine Micro DOT Helmets allows you to get the helmet in and off with only two fingers.

In conclusion, we recommend bikers wear a certified helmet. Knowing your options allows you to make educated decisions, leading to increase safety. Your loved ones will have the peace of mind that you are a responsible biker on the road.

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