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Riding with Freedom and Safety Include Wearing a DOT Approved Helmet!

When it comes to rules and regulations on road safety, all riders must wear a motorcycle helmet, but  If you want to enjoy proper wind therapy, then you need a low profile helmet that is DOT certified.  When looking for new gear, do not look only for motorcycle vests, chaps, and jackets for men and women, but invest in a helmet whether the law requires you to do so or not. 

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So, why wearing low profile motorcycle helmets?

 People, these days, need validation for everything from a social audience or researches. See some of the most important reasons:

  • It shows off your riding style:

With a Low Profile Helmet, you don't have a mushroom head, so you look stylish like in the TV shows Sons Of Anarchy or the Mayans MC TV. Let's be honest; with proper gear and vests for men and women coupled with motorcycle helmets that are low profile, you will ride in your self-created style statement

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  •  It sets out an example for others:

Most people don't like wearing a helmet because they feel it lessens their personality. Many of us are parents; our role is to set an example of responsibility.

 The best way you can show them how to practice good deeds is by actions, not only words. So when your family sees you wearing a helmet every time you ride a bike, most likely, they would follow you, gaining respect and appreciation.

  • It protects your head and brain:

An important reason to wear a helmet is to protect your head and brain when you are on your bike. As per the US Department of Transportation, only 17% of fatally injured riders were actually wearing helmets. Moreover, a helmet reduces the chance of a head injury by 50% and face and neck injury by 33%. It entails how imperative it is for you as a rider to wear a helmet every time you take your bike out for a spin. 

  • Saves you from the weather:

If a bike is the only transport mode, you need to make sure you ride it in complete safety. A good quality Motorcycle helmet that is low profile like a MicroDOT Helmet protects you from unexpected rain, uncomfortable UV lights (that sunburn your head, neck, and face) and guards your head from dust, rocks, and pebbles.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a MicroDOT Helmet but are unsure where to start, please complete this Quiz to find your helmet.



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