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Why Should You Only Buy A DOT-Approved Motorcycle Helmet? 

While you might love riding your bike, indulging in quality purchases after considering the features, comfort, style, and safety are pivotal for a safe and fun ride. Riding is two wheels always dangerous, but by wearing the proper protecting gear, you can ensure that you don't end at the hospital if you suffer an accident. 

For bike lovers, one of the most high-end purchases is for a DOT helmet that covers your brain and protects your head against any impact if a mishap or an accident occurs. 

But Why Go for A MICRO Motorcycle Helmet that is DOT Approved?

In The United States, authorities are responsible for ensuring and approving helmets' safety requirements and quality features. There is one specific body that accredits helmets in all the States. That agency is the Department of Transportation, acronym DOT. The agency has made a rule that everyone riding a bike must wear a helmet that has been tested, checked, and approved by this agency. DOT performs a series of tests on helmets and passes only those, which meet all the security requirements. So, as a motorcycle rider, you might want to check for the DOT helmet sticker or its label before you purchase one.  

Helmets are used to protect riders from head injuries. So, if they are not certified by the top agency, there is no point in buying them since they will not protect you in an accident. 


How Motorcycle Riders Can Identity a DOT Helmet?

The following comprehensive list consists of all the points you need to check to make sure you buy a motorcycle helmet DOT tested. 

  • Check for the DOT label. You can find it at the back of the helmet, at the base, or in the canter. 

  • Other than a sticker, there should be a DOT mark sewn into the helmet as well. 

  • The DOT mark should be located at a place where it cannot be detached. 

  • The DOT helmet sticker conveys information like the name or logo of the helmet producer, assembling date, the size of the helmet, model number or name, and material used to make the helmet. 

If you do not find these points on a motorcycle helmet, it is not DOT approved, and the most logical conclusion is you should not buy it. 

Why Buying A DOT Helmet Only?

When you see a DOT label on a helmet, it means that it possesses all those safety features required and always ensures your safety on the road.

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