The Top Four Reasons Why You Need to Invest In A Biker Helmet |

The Top Four Reasons Why You Need to Invest In A Biker Helmet

While some people might think that not wearing a helmet is a cool riding style, we recommend you to wear a low profile motorcycle helmet that is DOT Certified. It is more of a necessity these days considering the high number of road accidents that occur every day, and the consequences of not wearing a helmet not only take a toll on your life but on everyone else’s involved in the accident.

If you are still pondering if you need to wear a motorcycle helmet, the following are some reasons you must consider wearing one. Of course, the first choice is getting a Micro DOT Beanie Half Shell Helmet that is DOT certified.  

  1.  Bugs might irritate your scalp, but not if you are wearing a helmet: Suppose you are riding from an area that includes insect infestations like flies, bugs, moths, bees, etc. While vermins are a part of nature, those can be buzzing around your head when you are riding a bike. Not to mention that they might even bite you. Cut that picture by wearing a helmet. 

  2. Crashing on the bed and crashing on a bike is completely different: While we all love crashing -on the bed at the end of the night- crashing on a motorcycle sucks. So, if you don’t invest in a low-profile motorcycle helmet, you will sadly realize the cost of not wearing one when you wake up on a hospital bed.  Motorcycle crashes are pretty rough, and the rider generally ends in an ICU of some nearby hospital. However, you can safeguard yourself from this fate by wearing a biker helmet that is DOT approved like a MICRODOT Helmet.

  3. Helmets are disposable. Your brain is not:  Your brain is not disposable, and keeping in mind that medical science hasn’t yet figured out a brain transplant, you might need to protect the one you have. Helmets are not that costly, and you can dispose of, replace them, or exchange them.  

  4. Neck injuries take a pretty bad toll on your spine: Without the lightest motorcycle helmet, you are putting your spine in danger. And I don’t need to remind you all that your Spinal Cord is the central connection point for all your joints and nerves. All in all crashes without a helmet can result in pretty gruesome neck injuries leaving your spine in bad shape.



Always remember, the safety of your life lies in your hands. So, don’t just make your life’s bargain a cheap one. Invest in the best low-profile motorcycle helmets and practice safe driving.

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